October 02, 2012

Trim-less windows

We decided to take a clean, spare approach to finishing our windows and forego any trim.  We've seen this done in many modern homes and the simplicity really appeals to both of us.  
This is one of the windows in our current kitchen that was finished in this way.  

In the window behind the sink, we put in a granite sill (matching the counters) but with no trim on the other 3 sides.  
When a window is finished with just painted drywall, it isn't as durable as one with wood trim, and we like to put things like flowers and plants in this window.  
We plan to do similar sills in the bathrooms of the Bennett House.  
Again, we might want to put flowers or wet bottles in these windows and drywall wouldn't hold up to that.

But mostly, I'm all for clutter-free windows, so a painted drywall finish suits us fine for most of the rooms.
It is quite time consuming to drywall a house when you finish the windows like this. You have to corner bead around each one, make it straight, and mud it all even.  Traditional casings can cover rough drywall ends and even gaps, so none of this needs to be done.

The flip side is that drywall is fairly cheap and drywallers don't generally charge as much as trim carpenters.  
With our 9 to 11 inch deep windows (in the old parts of the house) trimming in wood would likely cost us more in the end-- even just for materials.

If we didn't have a budget, I would have loved to trim the windows like this one below-- with a simple wood jamb and a small reveal in the drywall.  
I actually think it looks even better with wood windows (which we also don't have).
 (image from here)

The skylights look really great.  Just simple holes in the roof.

I actually planned to trim out the bay windows with wood, but the drywallers moved faster than I did.  Since we are now so time crunched, I decided to just leave it.  Believe me, there are lots of little things I would change if I were to do this all over again!  But I've got to keep the big picture in mind.
In the future, I think I'll put in wood sills.

The doors we will trim out, however, with something very simple.  Doorways take a lot more abuse than windows and need that extra protection.
This is the basement door at our current house, cased in simple painted MDF.

I originally planned to do painted white MDF baseboards at The Bennett House, but am now leaning towards large oak baseboards that match the floors.  We'll see how this idea pans out.

This is the kitchen/dining room/family room starting to take shape.  With the ceiling drywall in, our dock board light boxes really stand out.  The big steel beam as well.  
I'm still trying to decide what to do with that thing.  
Paint it white.  Paint it black or grey.  Just leave it as it is....

P.S.  We sold our house in one week.  Totally worth all the stress of cleaning it out, staging it, and moving to my sister's for the showings.  In the end we got 8 offers!  Completely crazy!


  1. I love the simple no-trim finish, it's very modern, and definitely not all that common.

    It's awesome that your house moved so fast, Congrats!

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  5. Our builders place the windows too close to every corner so I am an able to add trim..... so sad

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