April 06, 2012

Our front closet dilemma

We've had a small issue from the beginning of our designing phase about where to put a front hall closet.  When we bought the house, it had a small corner closet just to the right of the front door as you enter but it was very flimsy and awkward and certainly didn't appear to be original to the house.  We ended up submitting this design for permits.

I planned to put in a freestanding wardrobe like this one behind the door or where the old closet was and to have the kids use the side door and basement for their coats and backpacks.  We put in another closet off the living room that could be used for off season coats and shoes but I never really liked the idea of having to go through the living room to access these things. 

Rosedale Foyer Armoire modern entry

One of my regular blog reads is Life of an Architect written by Architect Bob Borson.  He has a casual and witty writing style and shares so many of his fabulous ideas in his blog.  In one post, he writes about his pet peeve of  powder rooms located right at the front door.  It's a hilarious read about something I would not have given any thought to before.  In that post he suggested a very unique layout of having a walk through closet leading to a powder room.

I thought this was a brilliant idea and wondered if we could incorporate this into our design.  The powder room as it was drawn was a little too narrow for this set-up at The Bennett House, but if we moved the wall out just a foot, we could do it.  The guys started some of the interior framing this week so now was the time to tackle this issue.  This is what we ended up doing.

I think it will work out beautifully!  The kids were expecting to have the clothes rail across the closet so that you would have to part the coats to get to the "secret bathroom".  They were pretty disappointed to hear that the coats would fit neatly to the side.  Still a bit of a secret bathroom though.  Thanks, Bob Borson, and sorry about the sink located next to the toilet (another of his pet peeves) ...  it's still a pretty small room!

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