March 10, 2012

The big back window

The framers are in and they are moving like a well oiled machine.  Hard to really go over and take pictures because I don't want to get in the way.  Although I did go over on Thursday afternoon and one of the crew (who looked about 20 years old) asked me if I was the plumber!!! I think I'd better dress a little better when I go over next time!  I was wearing my big knee length black down jacket so at least I know it wasn't because my butt was showing! The plumber!  Sheesh!  Way to make a girl feel good!
Anyway, they've finished framing the exterior of the basement and are moving on to the first floor.  I wanted to modify the window designs slightly so I had to get on that right away.  Our permit drawings have the big 8 foot back window centered on the back wall but I wanted to move it as far as I could into the corner.  My dream was to have a corner window.

like this (by Kanner Architects):

or this (by Modern House Architects):

But I had to rein in the budget a little bit.  So instead I'm hoping to try and fake the corner window by shoving two windows as close to the corner as we can.

more like this (by Jennifer Heffel):
(sorry about the small size-- couldn't find it bigger)

Our other issue with the big 8 ft x 6 1/2 ft window is-- how do you open that sucker!?  We do open our windows as often as possible so we really don't want just one big fixed pane.  I got pencil to paper to draw out some of our options and here's what I came up with. 

12. looks like a flag.  9. breaks up the view too much.  15. is a bit wonky.  
I'm leaning towards 1. 3. 4. and 11. and have to decide pretty quickly.  Any thoughts are more than welcome!

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