February 01, 2012

IDS 2012

Had a fab day at the IDS12 on Sunday!  I go every year with my sister and cousin just to get ideas and see what's new, but this year somehow seemed better than ever.  Maybe it's because I have so much to do at the Bennett House and practically every booth had something of interest.  I unfortunately forgot to bring my point and shoot camera so I had to take pictures with my iphone.  Not the best quality and some shots didn't work out at all (I really could have used a flash).  But here are a few things that caught my eye.

I saw white and black faucets all over the place and I really liked this one (I'm pretty sure it's by Rubinet).  It's a different take on the typical commercial style faucet (which we have in our current kitchen).  I love glass fronted white appliances that are sometimes seen with modern white kitchen cabinetry.  It just blends together so well and is a little bit different than the typical stainless steel. This faucet sort of adds to that look. 

I unfortunately didn't take note of the booth that this picture was taken from (it was showcasing the cabinets, I believe).  But it was the wallpaper that really grabbed my attention.  I thought it really was concrete at first, but it is actually wallpaper!  I Googled it to see if I could find out where to get it and found this website:  www.concretewall.no   They say they ship worldwide.  Love it!

This image was taken from the Earth Inc. booth.  It was an entire wall of moss behind a grid of welded metal. I have been thinking of using welded metal gabion baskets as retaining walls in the backyard of The Bennett House.  This idea of moss behind it just looked fabulous to me.

Aaahhhh.... Valcucine!  Gorgeous modern kitchens with everything hidden behind these amazing panels.  Even the faucet can be hidden from view!  This is a shot of the island which is a mixture of frosted glass fronted cabinets, a frosted glass countertop and a wood eating ledge.  Love the way the wood breaks up the expanse of the island but still keeps that modern clean look.

Tropics North had these amazing living walls.  They are panels of plants in small bags and the fabric of the bags sits in a trough of water.  They said that you just have to make sure that the trough is full of water and the rest pretty much takes care of itself.  Beautiful way to add live plants to any space.

Fleurco had these shower doors that were custom made by pixelating a picture of a piece of art they had hanging next to it.  Very cool.  I feel a little too exposed in a shower made entirely of glass and this is a great way to give a little more privacy.  The guy at the booth suggested I lock the bathroom door!  Funny.  Anyone with small kids understands the need to shower with the bathroom door slightly ajar.

These light fixtures at Snob were made by giving various African men a length of brass tubing to wrap around their waist.  They were then connected, engraved with each man's name and attached to light fixtures with Edison type bulbs.  Love them!

Stone Tile.  They always have beautiful tiles.  These are porcelain with little raised dots all over them.  Nice organic colours and a simple modern design.

Valcucine again.  This shot shows the hidden faucet and a butcher block that slides across the counter top to cover the sink when not in use.  Genius.

I am loving all the new, modern, brightly dyed rugs that are popping up all over the place.  Elte and Modern Weave had some gorgeous rugs, but I especially loved this graffiti styled rug by W Studio.  Stopped me in my tracks!

But of course, the highlight of the show for me was meeting these two guys!  I was a little starstruck so I ended up a bit tongue tied but they were just the nicest!  I have never before crossed paths with anyone famous, and would not normally even approach them if I did, but Colin and Justin happen to know some family friends of my husband's (also a Glaswegian) so I at least had something to talk to them about.  It was this connection to McKay Flooring in Scotland that I have to thank for this little photo! I only wish I met them at the beginning of the day when I was all fresh and not on my way out after 5 hours at the show!  By the way, I went straight to my hair stylist after this picture.  Haircut 6 months overdue!  It's funny how you get so busy that you never really notice until you see a picture of yourself.

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