August 23, 2013

Rebuilding the front porch

While we're away in sunny Muskoka for a couple of weeks, Steve has been busy rebuilding our front porch. 
I haven't seen it myself yet in real life but he texted this picture yesterday.  
Looking great, I think!

I was really sorry to see the original "X"s in the railings go.

 I desperately wanted to keep them since they gave the house so much character. But, alas, it wasn't meant to be. 
Our building inspector said that the railings had to be 42" high up top, and that the holes in the "X"s were too big (a kid could easily crawl through). In all honesty, a 6ft tall adult could probably crawl through! 
So we decided to go with straight pickets instead. Many other homes in our neighbourhood have pickets like these so they fit right in. 
Now the big question is...  What colours should we paint all this? Any thoughts?  I'm currently thinking dark grey on the posts and lintels and light grey (to match the rear stucco on the pickets, deck and stairs (still to be installed) with natural cedar ceilings. 
But I am never confident when it comes to choosing colours.  
Here's a close-up. 

I presume that blue rope was used as a safety harness for Steve and not for hanging someone! 
Finally, The Bennett House is getting some curb appeal!


  1. Looks fantastic! I have no paint advice - I'm also terrible at that stuff. But I love the new porch(es)!

  2. Gorgeous! Your color plan sounds bang on. A tip I learned from painting our porch is to get enough contrast between the light and dark colors. Thought we did until we were done...then we painted the floor again :) Exterior seems less forgiving when it comes to contrast.

  3. I like your paint colour choices, definitely dark grey or charcoal to match eavestroughs.

  4. Thank so much for all your thoughts! I'm glad I posted this (from the beach on my phone!). It really helps to get your input.