February 28, 2013

DIY pendant lights

Our dining room was looking extremely uninviting with a couple of bare bulbs pig-tailed from the ceiling.  But all the pendant lights I really loved were way too expensive for us at this point in time.

Tom Dixon, Bronze copper lamp shade, Metallic Lighting
The Bronze Copper Shade by Tom Dixon is a big favourite of mine.  I even checked out suppliers in Glasgow for these when we were over last summer hoping they would be cheaper in the UK (where Tom Dixon is from).  
No luck.  Same price.


The Octo pendant light by Secto is also a light I considered until I saw the cost.  Love these lights.  
Maybe one day!  
Actually, I have recently seen these beauties in action over the dining table of a good friend.  They do not disappoint in real life!  
Simple and beautiful!

But I needed to find a cheaper option.  
So I went to West Elm and saw these.

Definitely in my price range.  Love the wood tones.  But I didn't love looking into a bare bulb at the dinner table.  And frankly I couldn't get the Octo pendant out of my mind!

So I decided to pick up a couple of cheap pendants from Ikea, hook them up and replace them later with something nicer.  At least I'd have something there in the meantime, right?!
I found these.
MELODI Pendant lamp IKEA Gives a directed light. Good for lighting dining tables or a bar area.

$9.99 for two!  Can't beat that!

Before I got to install them, I was in The Home Depot and happened to see some birch veneer edging strips.  I loved the colour and thought I might be able to jazz up my pendants by making a sort of lamp shade like the West Elm ones.

I cut a couple of rings out of particle board that were the same size as the top of the Ikea shade and then started stapling veneer strips all around it.

After awhile it started to look like a funky hairdo.  But I kind of liked it!

I originally planned to glue the loose ends on the bottom together to make a sort of sphere, but decided against it when I got them up.   Actually, I was kind of worried I'd mess them up!

I wouldn't say they are my dream pendants, but I do really like them!  They have a soft, organic, Scandinavian feel to them.
And for the cost, and the little time they took to make, I will not feel guilty replacing them down the road. 


  1. When I move away from home I hope to be as creative as you! :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Dana! These veneer strips are a new discovery for me. I've been trying to think of other ways to use them.

  3. some major DIY skills! they look fun.

  4. Oh! Your light fixture looks so dandy! This is truly a unique piece! Have you thought of other ways to use those strips? If you have other ideas for them, make a DIY and post it, so we have another creative piece to work on! Thank you for sharing this tutorial! I super love it!

    Allison Shallenberger

  5. Hmmmmmmmmmm...nothing posted for awhile...is this the end of the saga??? Inquiring minds want to know...

    1. Sorry, Dean! It's not over yet! Just a break. Also I somehow managed to lose a whole pile of pictures that I was hoping to use. I may have to skip out on a good chunk of work. So nice to know you're still interested though! Thanks.

  6. Gorgeous pendants - just beautiful! I've got these linked to my DIY pendant lights post too today, for inspiration!

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