January 25, 2013

Glass panels

Our three glass panels were installed this week!
Now we can finally start using the shower in our master bathroom.

But first I had to seal the grout.
It turned out to be a very simple job with this little brush/bottle thingy I picked up at Rona.

Ready for use!
We had our glass guys install a towel rail right in the glass since I've been having a hard time finding a place for one anywhere else.  
The only other spot was that far wall in the shower.  Not exactly practical.

The other 2 glass panels were an idea I came up with for the entrance way.

This was my problem in the front hall.  
The stairs going to the side door and basement needed to be enclosed in some way-- either railings or walls.  But I wasn't sure which way to go.  I didn't love that anyone standing at the front door could see straight through to our main living space and backyard, but neither did I like the idea of closing it all off with walls.  
Railings seemed a bit too busy for this space anyway.

So I decided to get two frosted glass panels made.
They are simple and modern, let light shine through, and give us some privacy at the front door.
They also show the zig-zag of the stairs behind them which I really like.

 This is the view from the front door.
I really like how these turned out.

And now we have the perfect spot for that giant piece of driftwood that Paul hauled back from the cottage.

I think this rustic piece of nature looks just perfect next to the sleek, frosted panel of glass.
And we do actually use it as a coat rack!
Now we just need a slightly smaller bench to replace that big wicker one.


  1. Your shower looks amazing. Loooove the tiles!!!


    1. Thanks, B! They turned out darker than I wanted-- our batch of marble was more grey than white-- but I do like the tiles as well. Maybe I'll have to just add more white into the room! ;-)

  2. Just found your blog through B! Hi B lol. I love your house, right up my alley with the modern finishes and organic elements mixed in. Love that coat rack! So cool. Btw, how much did you pay for that amazing walnut slab in your kitchen? Also, where did you get the leg for the end of it in the stainless steel? I absolutely love that! I need a conference table for an office that I'm doing and that thing would be amazing.


    1. Hi Whitney, thanks for your comment-- I love finding your blog as well! We really lucked out on the walnut slab! We bought it rough and unfinished for $800 but it took a lot of bit by bit work for Steve to fill the holes with epoxy and shape and sand it. In the end, it cost us a little over $2000. The leg was built by our kitchen cabinet people. The best part of this tube is that it's practically indestructible. Perfect or daily meals!

  3. Looking good! And what an ingenious and stylish way to use a piece of driftwood? LOVE!

  4. Love all the glass. I've just been pricing frosted glass for my new apartment too. The wood coat rack look fantastic beside the frosted panel.

  5. Fantastisc glass panels and driftwood design!

  6. Thanks guys! My hubby is pretty chuffed with this one!

  7. The glass in the stairs is so nice.

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  9. The bathroom is shaping pretty well from these pictures, and the glass door is a nice touch. There are lots of things happening in your home, and completing the glass door in the bathroom and the railings downstairs was quite a relief. How's the renovation, by the way? Are you done with everything?

    |Bonita Bramer|