December 12, 2012

Moving in

Well, I'm exhausted, haven't eaten a decent meal in a week, and overwhelmed with my seemingly endless to-do list, but we are finally living in The Bennett house!
The whole family is really happy to be here.
The move out from our old house took a lot longer than expected.  We thought we de-cluttered enough to make it fairly easy work, but 10 years of stuff just seemed to be endless.  Toys, and paint cans, and junk drawers and stuff under the beds was seriously never-ending.  And of course, since we are living so close to the new owners, we couldn't exactly leave the place dirty either.  So the good part of a day was spent scrubbing, wiping, patching holes, painting and vacuuming.
But we got it all done, and this is what we're living with now.

This is the guest room--our current room of shame!  But it's not all that bad, really.
This is our kitchen/dining room/family room.
Although we are still waiting on our counters and oven (a story for another post!), it is pretty livable now.

The front living room isn't too bad either, except that none of our furniture really fits anywhere in this house--mismatched stuff everywhere.

I have been doing quite a bit of cleaning at this house as well.  And some unpacking.  But the problem is that we don't have organized space to unpack stuff to.  
I decided to tackle this right away by building our Ikea PAX units.  I had our contractor size our walk-in closet area to exactly fit 4 deep units on one side, and 2 shallow ones on the other.  
The plan worked out like a dream!  This is what the cubbies looked like before.

And this is how perfectly the PAX units fit.

With some of our stuff in place.

And the other side.
I need sliding doors and a few more shelves, but we're almost there.

In the middle, I mounted an Ikea mirror on hinges (I saw this done in the showroom and thought it was brilliant).

Behind it are hooks for necklaces.  
Very neat and tidy.

We've still got a lot of work ahead of us here, but at least we can comfortably live though the rest. 
And in the meantime, I'm really enjoying everything about this house.  Especially the view out the back.  
This is how we're falling asleep every night (partly because we don't have any blinds or drapes yet!).
I think it's absolutely gorgeous. It doesn't feel like we're even in the city. 


  1. You must be so excited to have finally moved in (and more than a bit exhausted, I'm sure). I'm excited to see everything come together as you finish up the final details in the house. Things are looking great - I covet your new closet!

  2. It's looking fantastic Keira!!!

    We lived on take away for a good 3 weeks after we moved in, we too didn't have the kitchen completed until a bit later on. It's all good though, it only made us appreciate it a lot more when it was eventually completed :)

    The closet looks fantastic!


  3. Wow, we're on the same timeline and yes, we have also been on take-out diets for the past 2 weeks. It's looking great, the view from the bedroom is awesome!
    Best of luck with the rest, the end is in sight (and I don't mean that in a December 21 armageddon kinda way) :)