August 09, 2012

When it rains, it pours!

After feeling like our whole project has been progressing at a snail's pace for the last few weeks, we have suddenly had a complete turn around. 
We finished our 200 amp upgrade.

All the ductwork is now complete and we have the amended city HVAC permit in hand.  The last part of this stage was the re-installation of the existing A/C unit.  We had a very bad time with the HVAC, but the installers we ended up with really came through, and did an awesome job for us in the end.  So happy to move on from this now!

We also got a surprise when the stucco guys came by to let us know they had an opening and could start our project the next day!  We had to coordinate with Steve (our stone guy) since his wall and stairs were right in the way--  more on that later, but his wall is one of my favourite parts of the house!  Fortunately he had other jobs he could go to in the meantime, and the stucco work began.

Stucco is messy work!  They have to rough up the styrofoam surface and these little bits go flying everywhere like snow.  The poor guy doing it was sweating in the heat and had all these little bits stuck to his face and arms.  I couldn't embarrass him by taking his picture, but he did look hilarious!

The stucco guys needed the back doors installed to finish their job properly so we were in a mad rush today to get them picked up.  
By the way, we also finished the cedar shakes.  I love the look of them now!  

We used Thompson's Water Seal waterproofer plus clear wood protector.  I loved it so much that we went with the same look in the front of the house and plan to use it on the deck as well. 

These are the back sliding doors that we got today.

The one in our master bedroom just got installed.

Tomorrow the big, black bi-fold door is going in.  I really hope it goes smoothly.  
Tomorrow we also leave for our summer cottage vacation-- right after our inspection.  I hope to actually get some rest up there and not worry about everything that is happening at the house.  I am getting a bit stressed lately.


  1. I love it too, Jeanette! This is an example of a modern house design. The different colors of the cedar shingles give the house that rustic appearance that complements its surroundings. Anyway, how about your roof? What roofing materials did you use?

    Santo Caridine

    1. Thanks, guys! I really like how the Thompson's brought out the darker tones as well. For the roof, we used IKO Cambridge shingles in charcoal grey. They turned out a lot lighted than I expected, but still work for us.

  2. Good pick on the roofing material, Keira! You can really never go wrong with grey shingles. They just complemented to most of the home’s color schemes. I also think that the neutrality of grey made it an excellent choice. Congratulations! =)

    - Richard

  3. Each post tells of great progress in your house. I'm glad that your contractors did their job well so you won't have bigger problems in the future. Well, it's almost been a year and I think you have to check for some minor damages which can get you to spend more than what's expected. You can do the inspections all by yourself, or you have a trusted contractor for that technical job. :)

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