July 26, 2012

Ducts and the skylight fix-up

As I mentioned last week, the worst part of this renovation so far (although it's a close tie to getting the city permits!) has been our fiasco with the HVAC.  It started with a lousy HVAC design that had to be re-done and hasn't seemed to yet end.  
The installers we finally ended up getting have had problems with the new design, and have had to get custom ductwork re-made practically every day.  The job has obviously taken longer than they expected, I understand that, but then Tuesday they showed up for only an hour, and Wednesday and today they haven't turned up at all!  The installers explained that they've been pulled to another job (because those people have been waiting and making a fuss with the company) and that I should call the General Manager about it.  I absolutely did and got them back for tomorrow morning --hopefully until it's done this time!  They're seriously holding up the show!  
Once again, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.  

This is the new furnace.  A high efficiency American Standard with a Vanee Gold ERV unit. I'm amazed at how much more compact it is than our current furnace.  It is also much quieter.

We're getting there...

This week we also fixed the 3rd floor skylight.  
While we were away in Florida back in April, what was supposed to be a big skylight at the top of the stairwell that could be opened and closed from the main floor for ventilation went in looking like this.

A puny little thing that was tucked away into the corner!  This was not what I had in mind.  This week we tried to fix the problem without replacing the whole thing and re-doing the roof.
This is how it looks now.

Way better, I think.  At least it looks intentional now.


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  3. What's up, Keira? How was the renovation? I think by now all the work is done. I've browsed most of your blog post and I'm so impressed on how the parts of the house were renovated. I was hoping you'd update me for more because I found your blog to be quite beneficial for me. By the way, about the two skylights you have here. What are the glasses made of? Is it made out of glass or plastic? You should cut the branches of the trees nearby. The debris might actually damage the skylight.
    Mariam Freame

    1. Hi Mariam,
      Most of the work on our house is done now, although we've got a lot of exterior work to tackle at some point. I'm so glad you have found the blog useful! Aside from keeping overseas family in the loop, that was something I really wanted to accomplish with it. I know that I certainly used blogs and web searches to help me get through it all. The skylights are glass and they are made by Velux. You are very observant in noting that we have to prune the trees! We have a huge oak branch overhanging the house on the other side that has to really be cut off as well. Another thing on the to-do list!

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  4. I should give you praises for making the necessary adjustments with the skylights without redoing the roof. That can be one of the biggest fears of a homeowner – to redo a roof. >.< It's definitely much better now. I can picture you sitting on the higher steps facing right at the skylight, thinking of whatever pleasant things you should be thinking of! :) -->Lakisha