July 18, 2012

A Georgian beauty in Edinburgh

While in Scotland, Paul and I drove to Edinburgh for a night out with two of his friends and their wives.  We left the kids with the grand-parents and stayed the night at Paul's friend's house. 
I just about died when I walked in to the place.  Although not a massive house, it is certainly big enough for a family and just oozes character and style.  A perfect mix of very old and modern-- I was in awe checking out every room.
As I mentioned before, I didn't have my good camera with me but I did manage to take a few pictures with my daughter's camera.  This house is lived in by a family of 4 and a dog.  There was no staging or styling here.  Just their gorgeous 200 year old home.  I sure hope that Paul's friend and his wife don't mind me sharing these images with you.  

The home is a three level, Georgian townhouse on a cobble-stoned street with exits to the outside on every level.  Check out the depressions on these original stone stairs.  You just can't duplicate this kind of character.  
I wish I could show you some of the before pictures of the interior (it was a real mess!).  The bottom floor bathroom seriously looked like something out of Trainspotting!  But since then it has been lovingly restored with the help of an historical architect.  

I love the simplicity of this handrail and the colour of the hardwood floors. 

Look at these mouldings!!!  Unbelievable!

The owner of the house is an artist.  It shows!  Not only by the beautiful artwork that is scattered on every wall (and floor!), but also by the style of the furnishings.  Isn't this a great couch?  And look at the shutters on the huge windows.  This room, by the way, hasn't been finished yet.  I'd love to see it when it's done!

This ceiling rose is one of my favourite parts.  I especially like it matched with this modern Artemide Logico light fixture.

I didn't measure them (if I had my tape measure with me, I would have!) but the ceilings must be at least 12 feet high.  The french doors in this image feel so grand, and the light from the super tall windows is so bright.

Because of the extraordinary ceiling height, almost all the doors have transoms.  I really like this arched one leading to their office. 

I'm pretty sure they told me that these were the original stone floors.  Either way, they look like they are!  Love them.  I think I'm going to try and find something similar for our entrance hall.

This is the original cast iron wood stove.  So great that they kept it, even though it is only used for storage.

This is an image of their newly landscaped back garden.  Did I mention that it leads to a massive ravine with huge walking trails?  When these vines grow in, this walk way will be heavenly.  Paul's mom has a similar vined archway leading to her garden, although hers is old and thick.  I just love these and want to add one to the side of The Bennett House.
I hope you enjoyed this mini tour.  I feel very lucky to have seen it, and stayed there, in person.  With its thick stone walls and big old wooden shutters making our room completely black, Paul and I had the best sleep ever.  And I most definitely found more than a little inspiration for our own renovation.


  1. wow. can i just say I almost lost it when looking at those mouldings? gorgeous house...i bet this little trip got your design mojo just going wild!

    1. Me too! So European. I love seeing what people do in their houses in other parts of the world.