June 20, 2012

My 1958 Faisca wine crate

I've had this old wine crate for as long as I can remember.  It's a very sturdy wooden box that has gone with me wherever I have lived.  In university I used it as a bedside table to my low futon, sitting upside down.  These days I use it as a magazine holder.  

Just before my parents got married on August 16, 1958, my dad spent more money than he really had to buy my mom a crate of her favourite wine --Faisca rose from Portugal.  He says that he had to order it in advance from the LCBO and meant it to be a wedding gift for her.  They enjoyed that wine so much that he saved the crate and preserved it with a coat of varathane.  Somehow I ended up with it somewhere in my late teen years.

This evening I decided to get it up off the floor with some industrial looking casters I found at Rona. (The glass of red seemed fitting for the job, and let's face it, that's how I like to DIY)

One caster on with 4 tiny screws and a little washer.

Four casters on and this is what it looks like now!  Actually quite a bit easier to access as well.


  1. Great Idea!

    I have an small cigar box from my grandma...it used to have my granpa's cigars...she stored old post cards in it...it is just a thin wooden box, but it is a cherished part of the household!

  2. I LOVE sentimental pieces like this! It's really a great piece, and all the better with such a special history. Well done!

  3. I love wine crates on casters and love even more that this has a story behind it!!

  4. Love this wine crate piece. What kind of finish did you use, or did it come pre-finished?

    1. It came to me prefinished but I'm pretty sure my dad put on a couple of coats of Varathane. Matte finish.