May 25, 2012

A little inspiration from some of my favourite blogs

Today, I thought I would post a few images that I find inspirational from some of my favourite blogs.
Love the bedside lights.  I'll have to plan the electrical in our house to do this. A couple of switches near the bed would be perfect.

Love the small mosaic tiles that make this tub. Not quite sure how this is actually built though.

Love the floors. We're planning on using reclaimed wood for our flooring as well. I hope it will look similar.

We want one or two runs of the stairs to have open risers to let light through and were thinking of something like this. I like the industrial feel of it.

These "hooks" are really just nails in the wall. So simple.

This was a DIY project made up of pieces of charcoal attached together with what looks like electrical tape. It could also just be a simple sculpture without the light.

I want to try installing these floors on the third floor. They are strips of plywood nailed down right on top of old carpeting! So inexpensive and yet so great looking! I'm thinking of painting them out white for a real Scandinavian look.

Isn't this pipe shelf great? I've seen it done by a lot of people recently, but I think I first found it at The Brick House.

Morgan at The Brick House actually removed the pipe shelves recently and installed this in its place. It's actually a series of Ikea kitchen cabinets with a wood surround. That girl is a genius! I will definitely have to try this somewhere.

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