October 27, 2011

some demo pics

living room

2nd floor

So this is what the house looks like these days.  The kids think it looks haunted, but I only see open space and so much possibility.  I will hopefully be able to share my floor plans sometime soon. 
Because we are on a protected ravine, we have to get a separate permit from the city for any changes to grade or removal of trees.  We love the trees and wouldn't want to harm any of them, but we would like to change the grade on the top portion of the backyard to allow for a basement walkout.  This week-end we are preparing the grade plan for our permit application.  Gigi is bringing over his theodolite and will do most of it for us.  I'm sure if we paid someone to do this, it would be done in no time with GPS, but we are trying to save money every step of the way here and so we'll do it old school style!

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